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Looking for a way to reach your personal best?
Open to an alternative, holistic, more quantum approach?

Ian Waddell

Welcome to Personal Best!


Hello! I’m Ian Waddell.

I am experienced in a variety of healing modalities, including Specialised Kinesiology, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Tachyon Attunement and shamanic practices

My healing work has evolved into distance healing sessions - through which I have combined my many years of experience and studies and have developed a powerful, effective, multi-layered healing protocol. Working on clients remotely using this new protocol has allowed me to work much deeper, faster, with profound results  than my previous in-person sessions, as well as reaching more clients across the world. 

I work with a wide range of people who seek to live their 'personal best' life but are struggling with some sort of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenge which seems to be holding them back. They often have tried the conventional routes with no success and are ready for a more quantum approach that acknowledges that we are multi layered energy beings. 

My love for sport and the body, linked with my curiosity relating to the manifestation of dis-ease,  has led me to study a variety of healing modalities. What all of these modalities have in common is that they support the body to heal itself by accessing its wisdom, as well as the healing energy found in the zero-point. My personal experiences - including competing in many international and local triathlons, my meditation practice and ongoing spiritual development, and my experience of 'untreatable' chronic back pain - have taught me the value of  a holistic approach. Hence my 'toolbox' is very diverse, ranging from physical to energetic 'tools'.


Are you open minded enough to experience a session with me

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