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A Tachyon Attunement is a non-invasive healing technique that can be used to help you improve physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Tachyon Energy may be useful in:

  • Natural detoxification

  • Exceptional athletic performance and muscle recovery

  • Natural and easy recovery after illness

  • Absorption of vitamins and minerals

  • Increased brain function and circulation

  • Significant decrease in fatigue

  • Better functioning of organs and glands

  • Increased awareness of subtle energies


What is a Tachyon Attunement session?

A client, covered by a sheet, will lie on the treatment bed and asked to enter a meditative state. The Tachyon practitioner places specific Tachyon tools relevant to their individual needs on top of them. These tools are manufactured in Switzerland and energised in a Zero Point Machine, effectively making them antennae for Tachyon Energy. When placed on the body, these antenna feed the client's energy field, giving the body the tools and energy necessary to heal itself, and do it in a self regulating fashion.


What you can expect to feel

Tachyons align and energize our chakras passing energy into the endocrine system and then on to the organs that each chakra influences. This raises the vibration of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies immediately, allowing them to be in harmony and communicate properly. Tachyon energy is intelligent and knows what we require. All it does is deliver positive, “faster than the speed of light”, energy to our bodies, in doses that we can handle to enable us to take charge of our lives in the most positive way that we can.

After the attunement session you may  feel deeply relaxed, positive, de-stressed, energised, connected to wisdom, and more spiritually aligned. You may also notice a natural detoxification process, increased vitamin and mineral absorption, enhanced meditation ability and increased brain function, a decrease in general pain symptoms, and an overall sense of well being.


"I could not find the words to express how my session with you shifted and healed me on the level of consciousness.  


So I wrote in the only way I know - in expressive verse to try to begin to describe how your session was so very part of an evolving journey for me of remembering more and more,  the Truth of who I am beyond my stories.  The Truth that I, we, are all One and are in service to each other, walking each other back home to this Truth.  That we are Consciousness, Love, Spirit, Universe God, so many but really the Is-ness of All.


I am deeply grateful for a profound session."

Gillian Scott

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