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Distance Healing for Animals

Distance Healing for Animals

I offer distance healing sessions and support for animals using Reiki as a donation based service. 

Reiki brings healing in the form of peace and balance—in other words, it is not a “cure” for a symptom or problem, rather it supports the body, mind and spirit to heal by relieving stress and discomfort.

Animals respond to Reiki more like human children do—in that they move around, connect often from a distance and prefer a more flexible and open approach, honoring animals’ sensitivities, wisdom and preferences. This is why distance or remote Reiki sessions or support is so effective:

  • non invasive;

  • can be done any time, any where - you don't have to disturb or move the animal;

  • it requires no equipment or technology;

  • compliments veterinary care;

  • the animal is in control at all times as Reiki cannot be forced on the animal,  and

  • works for the animals highest good. 

Benefits of Reiki for Animals

  • Brings peace and comfort to animals who are in physical pain, lessen and relieve emotional stress;

  • Helps even the most traumatized animals relax and feel a strong sense of well-being;

  • Accelerates healing of illnesses and injuries; speeds up healing after surgery;

  • Reduces side-effects of drugs and other treatments;

  • Improves behavior problems and heals anxiety-related problems;

  • Promotes energetic harmony, well-being, relaxation and stress relief;

  • Compliments both conventional and alternative healing methods; and

  • Eases the transition to death when physical healing isn’t possible.


  • Reiki is not a magical silver bullet cure or a replacement for conventional veterinary care but is a natural calm therapy that promotes the body's natural process of self healing and is enjoyed by many animals. 

  • I will also not be able to make a diagnosis or comment on treatments. 

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In loving memory of my greatest teacher, Princess Babylove

"Personal Best added my very sick kitty Cinnamon, diagnosed with kidney failure, given a few weeks to live, to their Reiki treatment box... I sent a recent picture of my cat plus an affirmation for her healing. My cat is still alive, one year later! Our vet is confounded and although in part our daily drip at home helped her kidneys cope better, we now barely give her the drip and she is a very happy kitty. Thanks so much Personal Best."

Cinnamon's mom

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