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Kinesiology: Balancing the Body


is an experiential process that balances the body and puts it in the optimal state to heal itself. The process of kinesiology, using muscle testing as a biofeedback, identifies and removes negative stressors, be they physical, mental or emotional. Originating from Chiropractic and based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and energy balancing, Kinesiology access the body’s innate intuition and healing energy.

A kinesiologist will test specific muscles connected to the meridians (an interface between the physical body and the subtle energy bodies) to allow the body to reveal precisely the location and or nature of its imbalance. Kinesiologists have access to a wide range of gentle yet powerful adjustments which bring instant change and balance. (Source: Suzie Basset)

Kinesiology has been known to help:

  •  Allergies

  •  Chronic pain

  •  Compulsive behaviours, addictions

  •  Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD

  •  Eczema

  •  Fears, phobias

  •  Goal setting

  •  Grinding of teeth

  •  Headaches, migraines

  •  Learning difficulties

  •  Past traumas

  •  Recurrent infections

  •  Self discovery 

  •  Sinusitis

  •  Sports injuries

  •  Stress


What I love about Kinesiology

What you can expect and my apporach

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The basic premise of kinesiology is that the body doesn't lie and that when it is in balance (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), it is able to heal itself and you as a whole. 

As a specialised kinesiologist, I am able to ask your body questions and apply specific treatment protocols to create order and balance for healing. 

At the beginning of every session I will "dial" into your body to tap into its innate wisdom. I will always first ask what type of healing modality it needs. Note that your body may ask for something outside of kinesiology - like a craniosdacral therapy , a Reiki or a Tachyon attunement session. I will always respect your body's wishes and will follow its guidance, rather than what I and my preconceived ideas  (or yours) may think we should do. So, I ask you to also be open and to trust that your body knows best.


After the treatment, I will again ask your body what support - if any - you may need going forward (like post session homework) to help maximise the benefits of the session. 

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