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Types of Kinesiology

     Touch for


Touch for Health” (TFH)

combines the Ancient Chinese Perception of Life Energy (the basis of Accupuncture & Oriental Medicine) with Western Kinesiology (Bio-Feedback through Muscle Monitoring) and Western Touch Reflexes (Neurolymphatic, Neurovascular, Spinal Reflexes, etc.). The Integration of a Creative Dialogue Process (using Positive Goal Setting & Consideration of the Symbolic Metaphors of the Chinese 5 Elements & 14 primary Meridians, as well as thinking metaphorically about muscle functioning & action) allows for a holistic clearing & balancing of physical / structural, subtle energetic, mental / emotional & sensory / associative aspects of health & wellness.

Posture Therapy

I studied Posture Therapy under Jenni Rorrison, also known as the “yellow page lady”, who has spent over 20 years perfecting the art and science of balancing the body’s alignment. She uses kinesiology (muscle testing), massage, and supports made from pages of the 'yellow pages' telephone directory or specially made wedges which are inserted into clients' shoes. The pressure of the pages or wedges in the correct area of the feet/foot helps to realign the body to its natural equilibrium.


I met Jenni some 20 years ago when I was suffering from shin splints  from running. While physios could only suggest that I take a break from running, Jenni worked on my body's alignment, 'curing' my shin splints immediately. Over the years she has fixed every injury I have ever encountered and never once told me to stop training.


Jenni has taught me that injuries are in fact positive, as they allow us to fix an imbalance in the body and thus make us a better person and/or athlete. I can now help the average person and athlete to balance the body - thus stopping pain and preventing injuries like:

  • Back pain

  • Knee pain

  • Headaches

  • ITB injuries

  • Neck pain

  • Shin splints

  • Shoulder pain

  • Running shoes testing





NOT - Neural Organization Technique

Neural Organization Technique is a specialised branch of Kinesiology which works through the central nervous system to restore structural, bio-chemical and emotional balance. This discipline works with neurological priority systems. It uses acupressure, reactive muscle monitoring and co-ordinated respiration to address areas of concern.


Our neural organisation is what enables us to survive and function in every possible situation. It is self-healing, self-regulating and self-perpetuating but it can be thrown off balance by physical or emotional trauma or poor diet. To minimise damage and protect the body, there are 3 primal defence systems which the body employs when threatened in any way. The reactive muscle system of survival is designed to hold the skull and spine together and, literally, keep the head on the body when struck or injured, physically or emotionally. The dural defence system, in conjunction with the TMJ complex, acts to provide a protective cushion for the brain and the fascial defence systems causes a contraction of the skin and spine, forcing blood towards the muscles. All of the above in turn can result in a compromise of the internal systems of digestion, circulation, endocrine as well as immune responses as a person literally becomes locked into fight-or-flight.


In layman’s terms… Imagine yourself as an extraordinary computer, using the most advanced technologies in computer design. Your nervous system is the operating software. It keeps you functioning to optimum standards. Your digestive, endocrine and immune systems are the specialised programmes, each one essential to a specific task. Your muscular and skeletal structure is the output, allowing your body to do the “talking”. Now, consider what would result if damage occurred to the programs! The first programme errors might be imperceptible. However, compensating for those errors would soon lead to complications. Eventually you would have to make some serious corrections. You might even require a technician to reprogramme a whole series of commands – and this is what an N.O.T practitioner does. Trying to address structural or functional difficulties without addressing the relevant neurological short-circuiting is like changing a light bulb when the real problem is that you have blown a fuse. (Source: Neural Organization Technique International)


Neuro Training

Neuro Training

Neuro Training integrates many natural therapies, techniques and principles from both Eastern and Western philosophies in a solution oriented process where you are able to direct your own response through the natural laws that govern the nervous system. You have an innate ability to adapt and recuperate to influences what affects your everyday life. Should you be unable to adapt appropriately, your subconscious will let you know via various symptoms.Many symptoms experienced are generally suppressed – they are “pushed away”, “go through the pain” and “get on with life” etc. Neuro-Training aims to find the cause of the symptom and, therefore, enable the subconscious to resolve the issue by retraining the nervous system with the best neurological option to solve that particular issue – naturally enhancing your recuperating ability (Source: Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa)

Emotional Kinesiology

Emotional Kinesiology

Emotional Kinesiology uses a unique combination of counselling and kinesiology to facilitate uncovering, understanding and releasing negative programs allowing miraculous-like changes to occur and the realisation of our true potential. Emotional Kinesiology works on all levels physical, emotional, mental & spiritual and can impact all of life’s problems including phobias, weight loss, physical & emotional healing, cessation of smoking, personal & business success etc.

Life programs us at all levels mental, emotional and physical.  Some such “programs” block, weaken and prevent us from being our true selves, from being all that we can be. These negative programs are in the form of beliefs, fears and feelings or simply physical pain and sickness and we often accept these as a part of “who we are”.  Many of us battle all of our lives against these weaknesses and attempt to counter them by increasing our knowledge, intellectual ability, or even our physical strength only to find that the weaknesses re-surface time and time again.

However the true solution is to free ourselves from the programs which do not support us.  Even if we acquire the highest level of knowledge in other areas of life, failing to release these programs will always sabotage our true development and stifle our joy and fulfilment in life (Source:


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