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Tachyon Products

How are Tachyon Products/Tools Made?

In an apparatus designed according to biophysical laws, extremely high, biologically positive frequencies (EHF = extremely high frequencies) are produced. Since higher frequencies are of higher energy than lower ones, matter (e.g. glass) can be completely penetrated by these frequencies. It is possible to modulate any kind of information onto these frequencies. The tachyon products are exposed to these high frequencies for a certain period of time. Their inner structure is thereby changed and information may be transferred permanently onto the product. The change of structure and the information imprinted upon it cause each "tachyonised" product  to act as an antenna for "Free Energy". This bundled energy can be used both in technical and health-related fields.

All of these tools assist in self development by increasing the availability of this subtle universal energy to create a positive, constructive highly charged environment.

Protection from Electrosmog & Geopathic stress

Tachyon cards & discs

Metal disks: made specifically to transmute negative energies from cellphones (Fostac and Smart Fostac); computers, TV’s and microwaves (Comfos); geopathic stress (Geotac), and lastly the Fustac disk which is fitted to the Distribution Board within a building to transmute the negative energy surrounding the electrical wiring. They are also used to counteract the effect of negative energy given off by Routers used in Wi-Fi applications as well as alarm systems.

ES E-fos cards: developed to carry in the pocket to provide added protection against electrosmog (EMR).

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Tachyon Pyramids, clusters, domes and more

Certain Tachyons facilitate meditation by allowing us to relax into the energy field they produce and so enter a state where the brainwaves slow down. Once this state is reached the meditation deepens and can take on specific qualities. Tachyon energy fields are always positive. 

Vitalise your water and perishables with tachyon pebbles. Water that has been tequenced is filled with the potential of “All that Is” and is used to energise drinks or spray onto the physical body. It can be taken internally in limited amounts. The water pebbles have been shown to be particularly effective as the intelligent energy reads the body’s requirements to act either as a diuretic, or alternatively to assist with water retention at cellular level. This has been confirmed by biofeedback results from the Scio and Best machines.

Contact Ian for more information.

Wellbeing & Meditation
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Tachyon Colourful Glass Hangings, pendants

Pendants are available in 15 colours and four shapes as well as an additional range of  pendants named Orbs (South Africa only). Tachyon energy produced by the Abeiez pendant range affects the body by “loosening” deep seated blocks on an emotional or mental level allowing one to see old ingrained problems from a different perspective, and in doing so slowly release these blockages. When this is achieved our personal vibration is raised causing us to grow. This can be equated to the Chaos Theory. The chaos being the blockages held in the body and the order resulting from the release thereof. We cannot attain growth without “Chaos” being involved as it is a fundamental law of the Universe known as “learning your lessons”.


A range of glass Feng Shui disks is available that can be positioned in rooms to assist with the personal energies of people using the room,  assisting in transmuting negative energy from cellphone towers and certain negative geopathic stress fields.

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Feng Shui & Pendants
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