Tachyon Products

How are Tachyon Products/Tools Made?

In an apparatus designed according to biophysical laws, extremely high, biologically positive frequencies (EHF = extremely high frequencies) are produced. Since higher frequencies are of higher energy than lower ones, matter (e.g. glass) can be completely penetrated by these frequencies. It is possible to modulate any kind of information onto these frequencies. The tachyon products are exposed to these high frequencies for a certain period of time. Their inner structure is thereby changed and information may be transferred permanently onto the product. The change of structure and the information imprinted upon it cause each "tachyonised" product  to act as an antenna for "Free Energy". This bundled energy can be used both in technical and health-related fields.

All of these tools assist in self development by increasing the availability of this subtle universal energy to create a positive, constructive highly charged environment.

Protection from Electrosmog & Geopathic stress
Wellbeing & Meditation
Feng Shui & Pendants


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