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Bike Fit

       Bike Fit

For faster bike times. A more comfortable ride. Max power & efficiency. Fewer Injuries.


I travelled to the USA in February 2010 to attend a F.I.S.T. workshop by Dan Empfield, who designed the very first triathlon bike and is the world authority in Bike Fit specifically for time trialling in triathlon. With the F.I.S.T Certification for Bike Fit under my belt, I am now able to help triathletes achieve their best possible position on the bike and thus enable them to race optimally in terms of speed, efficiency, comfort & aerodynamics.


I have purchased a "Fit Bike" from USA to help me work with athletes achieve their "best fit" ,translating those measurements onto their exitsing triathlon bike or recommend the best bike on the market that suites their measurements.

"I started mountain biking last year with the goal of riding the Cape Epic. Training involved often up to 6 hours a day on the bike and my one knee hurt and I struggle on very technical up hills. After my bike fit with Ian, it felt like everything changed. My knee no longer hurt and I felt like I had better balance and control over my bike on the technical bits."

Judy During

Cape Epic Mountain Biker

"I went for a ride this morning and my knee didn’t hurt at all! I felt really comfortable on the bike and I loosened my upper body and sat back on my seat when I went up hills! It helped SO much! Thanks for all the advice! My body is also feeling more relaxed"

Meghan Magnussen

Road cyclist - Double Century 2010

"Having entered into the world of tri from a swimming background, I have minimal bike experience let alone tri bars! The Personal Best Bike Fit session was a thorough, professional session where the optimal tri position was scientifically established - for efficiency and comfort. Having never ridden in tri bars before we decided to start at a less aggressive, more comfortable tri position. Over the past month we have made a few small changes getting me closer to the optimal position, without forsaking comfort. I can now ride comfortably and efficiently in the tri position for hours and still have the legs to run afterwards. My average speed has increased by 3-4km/h with more efficiency and comfort" 

Mel Grow

Trathlete 3rd Age Group Energade Triathlon 2010 5th Age Group Jailbreak Mini 2010

"I always realised bike set up’s were a precision but I did not realise it was a science until I met with Ian Waddell who meticulously measured me up.  Not only did he do my final TT set up but he went out of his way to help me find the perfect bike.  All was confirmed on race day when I took 15 mins off my bike split which contributed to my personal best and got me to the podium in 3rd place.  Thank you Ian!"

Sarah Malherbe

Ironman Triathlete 3rd Age Group SA Ironman 2011

"I went to see Ian 6 weeks before my first Ironman race. My TT bike was 1,5 years old and although I had been set up by another person some time ago, I decided to see Ian for some "tweaking". Ian was very professional and thorough and I knew I was in good hands. This was all proved 150% on 10th April 2011. I finished my first ever Ironman in 11:15 and experienced absolutely no unusual discomfort throughout the race. I rode the 180k in 5:40 and managed to run my first ever marathon and off the bike in 4:25. I can certainly say that my success and general comfort throughout the race had a lot to do with how Ian helped me. Thanks a mill Ian!"

Britt Hyland

Ironman Triathlete

"I feel that you made the difference between me getting to the start line and then having a good run. My bike was set up badly as I was (and am) a novice. I think the neck problems I mentioned would have increased putting my participation in jeopardy. The bike was smooth and comfortable allowing me to go reasonable well on my best discipline - the run"

Pat Rich

Ironman Triathlete

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